Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Emi Jewellery X Amanda Chic

Check out how Amanda from Amanda Chic in Spain styled our Feather Necklace & Earrings set below. Our full collection can be shopped online at HERE.

Check out the post from Amanda HERE.

We love how the gold contrasts with the crisp white of the dress and the continuation of the fun feeling of this entire outfit. The pop of pink of the nails and the oversized sunglasses are a winner in our books too. This outfit is perfect for drinks after a long day in the office.

We love you Amanda!!

Monday, 18 September 2017

Black reindeer hat & scarf set online now at Freemans.com!

A few months ago we posted about some projects that we were developing for this FW season. One of which was the extension of our collections into scarves. One of the styles that we really believed in was this unique reindeer scarf and hat set (shown here in black) which we developed it in 5 colours. 

Gabi has styled this look in an amazing set over at Polyvore.

I love this look, and whats more, the Starbucks latte she chose to use it with Almond Milk. Total side note here, but I'm on a self discovery journey and one of the most radical changes I have made is by making a conscious decision to drop cow's milk from my diet moving more into a vegan lifestyle. Ive been vegetarian since I was around 15 years old, now I'm 30.

You'll notice from our posts over at Instagram I have been pushing for more and more organic and vegan food choices. Let us know what you think of them? Have you noticed a change in your shopping habits? We want to know.

Anyway, this scarf set is now online at Freemans its priced at £28.- for the set, which I think is a really good price!!

Cant wait to hear your thoughts!!

Xander. xx

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Emi Jewellery // Polyvore // Freemans.com

As we creep further and further into the winter season and the days get colder, Gabi style icon Polyvore put together this ice blue, cool, winter outfit featuring our snoods.

They are online now over at Freemans.com from £18.

Want to shop the look? Just click HERE.

Emi. xXx

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Emi Jewellery X Emma's blog // Vegan Living

This week, we feature on the Vegan blog by Emma. She's shot some lovely shots of our Turquoise Gem necklace.

Check out the original post HERE.

Wanna work with us? Email us HERE.

Emi. xXx

Saturday, 9 September 2017

8 types of jewellery clasps

I found this super handy guide about the different types of jewellery clasps from Amy Latta and her blog craftsy.com. Check it out below:

Creating a piece of jewellery involves making many decisions along the way. You have to choose your colours, your style, the size of your piece and more. One thing that often gets overlooked, but is incredibly important, is the type of jewellery clasp you decide to use. There are many options to choose from and some are better suited for certain projects than others.

The spring ring clasp is one of the most common types of clasps you'll see on all kinds of jewellery pieces. As its name suggests, it is a metal ring with a spring mechanism. Just pull back on the small lever and the spring will compress, leaving an opening so you can slide a jump ring or tab inside. Releasing the lever causes the clasp to close automatically, firmly locking the chain in place.
This type of clasp is very versatile and very secure. It can be difficult to fasten this type of clasp on a bracelet one-handed, and it can be hard to manipulate if the ring is particularly small, but overall the spring ring clasp is a great choice for most everyday jewellery if you want something understated and functional.

The lobster clasp, named for its resemblance to a lobster's claw, is a spring loaded, self-closing clasp style. To open a lobster clasp, simply push down on the lever with your thumb and the bottom section of the "claw" will swing inward. Releasing the lever will close the clasp.
Lobster clasps are available in a variety of sizes and styles, including a swivel style that allows the clasp portion to rotate 360 degrees without disturbing the piece of jewellery at all. This swivel style is ideal for bracelets and anklets since they tend to move around a lot during wear. The lobster clasp is a very popular choice, great for everyday jewellery that's light to medium weight. Heavier pieces are better suited for a sturdier type of clasp.

Barrel clasps are made of two metal pieces that screw together to close and look like a barrel. Each part is attached to one end of the piece of jewellery. These clasps are very versatile and come in many different sizes and finishes. Sometimes they're even decorative, but more often they're simply gold or silver and designed to blend in with the finished piece.
The main drawback of a barrel clasp is that it requires two hands to fasten, so it's not a good choice for bracelets unless you plan on having someone else put your jewellery on for you every day. It's also not ideal for individuals who struggle with dexterity

If you're looking to add a little finesse to your jewellery piece, you might want to consider a toggle clasp. This type of clasp is composed of two very different pieces; one end is a long bar or "T" shape while the other is an open shape, most often a circle. The bar slips through the center of the shape and locks in place. Toggle clasps are available in many sizes and with various amounts of embellishment. More often than not, these clasps are designed to add to the aesthetic design of the piece and are sometimes even used primarily as decorative accents, such as on necklaces where the clasp is purposely put in the front.
Toggle clasps can be used on any type of jewellery, but work best with heavier pieces because the weight of the piece can help ensure that the bar won't slip back out during wear. Be sure when choosing a toggle that the bar is small enough to fit through the corresponding shape, but large and thick enough to lock securely in place because the biggest concern with this type of clasp is the fact that it can sometimes come undone.

True to its name, a magnetic clasp is composed of two pieces that contain magnets. These magnets attract one another and snap together, locking the piece of jewellery in place. There are a huge variety of magnetic clasps available in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Some are small, round, and delicate, while others are large and rectangular. Still others are texturized or accessorised with rhinestones and more.
These clasps are very easy to fasten and work well for all types of jewellery. They are also a particularly good choice for older women or those with limited dexterity. 

S hook clasps are one of the oldest types of jewellery clasps in existence. Known for their simple "S" shape, they are designed to attach to one end of a piece of jewellery and slide onto a ring at the other end. S hooks can be very basic or quite ornate, and are a pretty, decorative choice.
There are two things to be cautious of with this type of clasp. First, be sure that the hook is tight enough to lock securely onto the ring without slipping back off. Second, be sure that the hook is formed so that it won't catch on clothing or other objects.

A less popular but quite glamorous option is the fishhook clasp. One end is a metal hook, while the other is an oval shaped box. The hook fastens into a hidden spot inside the box and sometimes even locks due to a spring mechanism.
This type of clasp can be tricky to do with one hand, so it's more ideal for a necklace than a bracelet. Sometimes these clasps are particularly ornate and even adorned with diamonds, so they can definitely be used both aesthetically and functionally.

A slide lock clasp is designed particularly for multi-strand necklaces and bracelets. Each side consists of a long tube with rings for attaching strands of chain, wire, thread, or cord. One tube slides inside the other and locks in place. 
See? There are lots of options to consider, and the choice you make can really add to your finished piece! To summarize, here are the best options for certain types of projects:
Everyday Necklaces: Spring Ring, Lobster, Barrel, Magnetic, Fishhook
Heavy Necklaces: Spring Ring, Lobster, Toggle
Formal Necklaces: Fishhook
Multi-strand Necklaces: Slide Lock
Everyday Bracelets: Lobster (Swivel), Toggle, Magnetic
Multi-strand Bracelets: Slide Lock
Ankle Bracelets: Spring Ring, Lobster (Swivel), Toggle, Magnetic
Projects for Older Women/Limited Dexterity: Magnetic, Slide Lock

Friday, 8 September 2017

Fall/Winter 2017 Jewellery Campaign

With the new season, comes a new campaign. We've just launched our new Fall/Winter jewellery collection. Wanna see more? Just head on over to freemans.com to view our full collection.

Team Emi. xXx

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Jewellery & Accessories Trend Alert 2017

As we move from summer into the winter season, we start to see deeper shades coming into our collection. Black, pewter, greys and gun metals become prominent throughout and we start to see the brand new scarf styles drop into the collection.

Check out some of our already best sellers from this new season below:

Happy Shopping!

Your Emi. xXx