Saturday, 7 January 2012

SS12 jewellery inspiration - Olivia Mancini

Have you ever wondered where buyers/designers get their ideas from in the world of fashion?

Well, at Emi we are VERY much inspired by music and the world around us. I have been following a little unknown band called Olivia Mancini & the Mates and I came across a song called Graphology. Its beautiful.

The video features a little wooden house, shot frame by frame from quirky little characters in it doing really obscure things. Its quirky and really kinda cool.

Note the little wooden chairs, the quirky pictures and vintage theme to the video. Some of the pieces she has inspired are:

The Silver Owl Knuckle Duster Ring

The Swallow Ring

What I love about her, is that she is just a girl with a guitar singing her heart out. No pyro-technics, no nonsense, just raw talent. She's amazing. You can check out here video to Graphology here.

A little bit about Olivia:

When Olivia Mancini was a little girl in Washington, DC, she dreamed of being a rock and roll star. If not a rock and roll star, at least she would like to play in a rock and roll band. "Drum set" and "electric guitar" topped her Christmas list for years, but never appeared under the tree. With the necessary implements out of reach, Olivia concentrated on classical music, playing French horn in orchestras and bands. Then, one fortuitous day, Olivia crashed her mother’s car and was grounded indefinitely. But before the shackles were securely in place, she purchased her first guitar and spent the long hours of imprisonment rocking out. It was, oddly enough, a very liberating experience.

HAHA - what I like about her is that she does seem real, and really grounded...if not a little dippy, just like myself!!! I predict big things for Olivia and her band. She is definitely one inspirational girl!

I just hope she continues to play her beautiful music, and continues being true to herself.

Lots of love!

Xander. x x x

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