Wednesday, 25 January 2012

There is beauty where ever you look in the world...

I have always lived in the city, and many people would argue that it can be a really, really ugly place to live. I on the other hand feel you just need to open your eyes a little wider. Take this photo our photographer, Steven took a quick shot at just as he was walking back to the office.

OK, so some may think yeah it just looks like a real eye sore, but you have to look beyond that. Inside this "mess" and great pile of rubble some unknown graffiti artist once brightened up the room with their work.

Just look beyond the rubble...I love the free flowing use of the spray paint and the contrast between the two walls. On one wall, the paint is reminiscant of Tim Burtons work (I know I seem to go on about him all of the time, but he really is one of my favourite director's of all time) I guess you could even go as far as saying the surrealism reminds me of Picasso's work. And yet on the other wall, it has an almost child-like quality to the work with the innocent colourful circles and repeat pattern squares.

I have always been a fan of surrealism and have been inspired around the world around me. One of my favourite pictures I have ever drawn when when I was 16 and doing my GCSE's. Feeling inspired by nature and the idea that everyone holds a door to their mind, I created this piece from pastels. it took me 14 hours to sketch and then colour back in all the detail, but I am really proud of it.

I don't ever really show my drawing to others, I like to keep them to myself. Out of all there work I have ever drawn this is the only one I have hanging on my wall in the house.

I guess some could look at it and say, that piece is screaming out the angst of a teenager but to me it's all about keeping a part of yourself to yourself which is represented by the half open door with the black misty background...

What do you think?


Xander. x x

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