Wednesday, 11 January 2012

We just love the artist Scott Radke

These bizarre but interesting creatures come from the mind of Cleveland based artist Scott Radke, who lovingly creates them from materials such as clay, fabric and human hair.

Some may call Radke’s sculptures macabre, but however weird one may find these creatures they also have a playful quirkiness which is what we fell in love with to the work of Tim Burton. (who by the way, is my top director by choice!)

I have always been interested in Burtons work - even from a little boy when I got capsulated by The Nightmare Before Christmas which I have no qualms about singing at the top of my voice along with.

Helene Bonham-Carter by the way in another one of my favourite actresses. When she teamed up again with Tim Burton for the hit film Sweeney Todd I fell in love.

Helena has always been somewhat of a trend setter when it comes to going against what is considered "in" right now. With her bohemian inspired choice of clothing and (some may say) crazy hair is what we love the most. It's this care-free approach to live which fits in so well with our brand!

Why not steal a piece of Helena's style with ourBoho-inspired jewellery If you love anything quirky and unusual, then our SS12 range is sure to be a winner for you!

Happy Wednesday!


Xander. x

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