Saturday, 4 February 2012

For the love of recycling

A friend of mine sent me this picture. I love it. What an amazing play on words, and by the sound of things, he gets quite a lot of custom!!

Seriously, think about it, the next time you are looking at your cow boy boots, instead of whizzing them in the bin, why not get them re-heeled? Its much cheaper than buying a new pair of boots, and you have the added bonus of them already being broken in?

Im vegetarian, so wouldn't buy leather...but, if you have already bought them, why not get the most out of your boots, re-heel them and re-use them. Way, way, way too much rubbish is going to landfill, seriously, every small amount helps.

Last year, we had a very successful range of recycled jewellery. Stay tuned, we are whipping up a storm at the moment and will be re-introducing our beloved recycled jewellery line, back online...exclusive to our web store.

Have any requests from last season? Email us and we will see what we can do.


Xander & the team at Emi. x x x

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