Friday, 17 February 2012

Make food not bombs!

Had to post this picture!

Manchester is such a quirky place to live and work. Just walking around the city centre you can find lots of powerful graffiti, which to be honest I think it makes the city a more brighter place to live.

Whats the point in having white walls around the city? Why not brighten up the place? This powerful lego man I just love, and his message is so true to what I believe. The amount governments spend on both nuclear weapons, the army, all things that are designed to kill other human beings...why can't they use this money and MAKE FOOD!

All over the world people are dying from hunger. Look a little closer to home, and right here in the UK hundreds of thousands of families actually live in poverty, below the breadline and have to endure day after day watching their money, trying to make it stretch as far as possible.

Maybe I live in my own naive world sometimes, but I like to think that maybe, one day, this little lego mans slogan can come true.

Why not make food, not bombs?


Xander. x x x

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