Thursday, 8 March 2012

Model crush: Lara Stone

We are totally crushing on Lara Stone, the infamous Dutch model, she's graced the cover of Vogue more times than we can remember, UK, Paris...the list goes on. Her infamous campaign with Givenchy and her empowering nude shots are breathtaking!

Lara is deffo on our agenda to have a campaign with her in the future. We absolutely adore her. Her style, her accent and her infamous gap in her teeth - There are no more words for us to describe how much we love her!

...some may think, a woman of this beauty can have any man in the entire world, she may even be a little shallow, but no. Lana is married to David Walliams - infamous for Little Britain. Some may think she's way out of his league, but when you see them together, she really is a little geek at heart and can see how they bounce off one another. They are so cute together they make us go Eeeek! A little gooey, I know but it has to be said.

We all have an inner geek in us, looks aren't always everything, if you find someone who can make you laugh then that really is the key! You can be anything...even a top model...There really isn't a cuter couple than David Walliams & Lana Stone!! For the men out there David really has bagged himself a beauty...and for the ladies...take note.

Love Emi. x x x

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