Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Behind the scenes of Cheryl Cole's new video "Call My Name"

If you are anything like we are, and we think you are, then you'll be as excited to see images back stage of Cheryl Cole's new video "Call my name". We just love a bit of behind the scenes action...away from all the make up and the lights, the glitz and glamour - it's amazing.

Cheryl looks amazing in the 2 outfits that we have seen so far, and her skin is something to die for, not to mention her hair, all thanks to L'oreal - which by the way, really is a girls best friend!

Now, her last song, fight for this love, was OK - the outfits were a little odd, although  that pilot-type cap was amazing. My best friend bought a sailor boy cap, and by god she rocks it.

I love Cheryl's choice of outfit, or rather maybe the stylists, but the floral blazer, teamed with leopard print  pants and neon heels are a winner for us!

Her new song is rumoured to be a dance track, and is due to be aired first on Radio 1 on April 20th.

Check out the pics below, and let us know what you think?

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