Thursday, 14 June 2012

H&M to collaborate with avant-garde Belgian label Maison Martin Margiela

Maison Martin Margiela has confirmed that it will be the next designer brand to collaborate with H&M, launching a collection worldwide on November 15.

The Paris-based label, whose elusive Belgian founder left the company in 2009, is much revered in the fashion industry for its avant-garde aesthetic.

And though it does not share the same megabrand status as past H&M collaborators Versace and Jimmy Choo, a cut-price range is likely to enjoy the same kind of success if the excitement surrounding the announcement is any indication.

Maison Martin Margiela will launch a high street collection at H&M in November

Margareta van den Bosch, Creative Advisor at H&M, said: 'Maison  Martin Margiela is one of the most important and influential fashion houses of the past three decades.
'I am so excited by this radical collaboration which will give fashion lovers around the world the chance to wear special pieces. This collaboration will be a great and memorable fashion moment.'
The industry is already abuzz with the prospect of the chance to buy Margiela at H&M prices.

First reported in WWD, it was quickly picked up a number of other fashion news outlets. Grazia Daily wrote: 'We're impressed to see the Swedish high-street chain mixing it up by going down the avant-garde route.'

And Racked commented that the collaborators could be a good fit, because 'the disposable nature of H&M clothing actually kind of lends itself to quirky pieces that are fun to dress up in once or twice but aren't going to make up the bulk of your wardrobe.'

But some fashion insiders argue that a mass-produced line is the antithesis of everything Margiela stands for, and that his style signature may not translate well on a budget.

'Teaming with H&M shows they want to raise public awareness to the house, and that’s a big step for the label' wrote: 'Deconstructed designs can look amazing when they're well-made from high-quality fabrics, but when they're not, they can just look, well, shoddy.'

Gabriele Hackworthy, fashion director at Harper's Bazaar UK, believes that a large-scale collaboration would be a major departure for the Margiela label.

'It is a surprising collaboration,' she said. 'Historically, Margiela has cultivated a mythic quality to their brand. They’ve never advertised or aspired to communicate in a mass-market way.

'Mr Margiela had always remained elusive. Teaming with H&M shows they want to raise public awareness to the house, and that’s a big step for the label.


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