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Pre-Fall 2013: Alexander McQueen by Sarah Burton

We've finally managed to see the pre-fall 2013 for Alexander McQueen by Sarah Burton, and although some of the pieces are absolutely amazing, we cannot help but think...well, quite frankly some of them are just the same, again and again season after season.

Not to sound like such a negative post, so I'll start off with some of my favourite looks from their newest look book - women prefall 2013.

Inspired by what seems to be the victorian ages, these are some of my favourite looks, heavy fabric, lazer cut velvet, studded collars and floor length fabric, all of these are exactly what I love. But, as you look through the collection, you cannot help but think, well hold on a second Sarah, haven't we seen some of these shapes repeat themselves before?

Not too sure what I mean, let me give you a few examples...


So the first is a little hard to see, ignore the print on pre spring but just look at the lower half of the dresses. The shape of the dress, its the same. The lower half prespring, layered, slightly, folds in the fabric, prefall, layered, folds in the fabric. prespring appears to be more light but thats because she has used a lighter fabric, fall appears to be velvet, so you can press the fabric into shape so it will stay in the same drop as to what its made. the back, slightly curved out, the same, on both dresses.


OK, this one is a little more easy to spot. The first thing to look at, the fabric print, obviously. Its almost the whole year on. Prefall 12 is more over layered, pre fall 13 less. The colour, prefall 13 is a little brighter. The collar, prefall 12 has a cape, pre fall 13, fur collar. The sleeve shape, they are the same. The shoes...the same, black, pointed, buckle on one side, buckle on the top. High waisted black belt, buckled. the same. The only difference is pre fall 12 has more of an umbrella shape to the lower half, prefall 13, straight cut.


So, i've saved the best for last. I don't think I need to explain much hear. Season after season, bootcut trousers, black. High waisted black belt, some detailing in gold around. Long sleeve white shirt. Its the same. Slight changes, thats it.

Ok so the challenge, from one season to another to another when McQueen was still designed by the real deal, I ask you, see if you can find any similarities between the collection. Since he has gone, the brand has totally changed. Innovation is there slightly, but the brand simply is not the same.




It just goes without saying, the print, the innovation, the shape... each season was filled with inspiration, new ideas, fantastic cuts. The fashion shows were totally different and told the story of the collection. He filled the show, and you could see each design screamed his passion for his brand and for design. What a tragic, tragic loss to such a talented guy and an amazing fashion brand.

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