Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Drake releases 'Girls Love Beyoncé’ featuring hook from Destiny's Child hit 'Say My Name'

It looks like Beyonce isn't the only one cashing in on her famous reputation — rapper Drake, not her husband Jay-Z, — has released a new song called "Girls Love Beyoncé."

On Monday night Drake, 26, shared the beat-laden tune, which also borrows from Destiny's Child hit song "Say My Name."

"These days it's hard to meet women / Feel like my love life is finished," the sometimes-crooner sings. "I've been avoiding commitment / That's why I'm in this position."

Though the song doesn't mention Beyoncé much, Drake enlists the help of singer-songwriter James Fauntleroy to reprise the hook Mrs. Carter and the ladies of Destiny's Child made famous.

We love B!! Let us know what you think? Is it fair to cash in on her name or is all fairs fair in the world of music??


Your Emi. x x 

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