Friday, 3 May 2013

Fabric, ink & the naked body: what do you see in this Rorschach test?

The way ink swirls through water like trails of cigarette smoke through the air makes for a visually captivating image. Like tea leaves or clouds or the splodges of paint in a Rorschach test, the swirls take on whatever meaning we give to them: an inky octopus, a tree spreading it’s branches like fingers, a ghost floating through time. Maybe a cloud of ink is like a piece of fabric billowing in the wind, wrapping around the body like a diaphanous cocoon?

In Michale David Admas' latest shoot, model Nadya Shaye is at the center of the world where fabric and ink become one. Adams’ images are layered – ghostly imprint over ghostly imprint – sometimes created from two mirrored halves turning Nadya into a Rorschach test herself.

No colour required, for in this black and white series it’s all about the movement and the cross-over of photography and illustration. The resulting images are eerie, sensual, exotic, and beautiful.
With makeup by Mary Irwin and styling by Don West, you can view the full shoot ‘INKT’ by Michael David Adams online at

Our favourites below:


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