Wednesday, 4 December 2013

We're now fully integrated with Bitpay!

As a little pioneer for future technologies, at Emi HQ, we love to keep up to date with the modern way of life. Keeping this in mind, we have now fully integrated our website to accept Bitcoins.

What are Bitcoins you maybe asking...? Just watch this simple, fully explained video on Youtube which will answer all of your questions! click on the image...

So, now that you understand what is bitcoin, when you are shopping on our site, after you have checked out, you will be taken to a page not to dissimilar than below.

Instead of opting for Paypal, just select Bitcoin. Then you'll be taken to the Bitcoin payment page.

Bitcoin will convert the payment from Euro to Bitcoin so you can see how much you are spending. Then click pay. Its simple!

Remember, for security reasons, the page will time out after 15 mins.

Some of you maybe thinking oh my god, that sounds scary...but really, change is good. Bitcoin is the future. Paper money will go out of fashion. And with more and more credit card fraud, bank cards being's a no brainier to opt for a newer way of spending.

More secure. Less fuss. More straight ward.


Happy shopping!!   x x

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