Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Please welcome our newest team member! to the Emi Jewellery family.

Say hello to Michele Bryant! She's the newest memeber to join the Emi Jewellery team which brings us to a family of 5 with myself included. Michele will be taking care of the Social Media part of the brand from now on, so if youve noticed a recent influx in activity, thats why!
Michele grew up in New England then moved to Japan for 3 years, studying for her degree while at the University of Maryland, she’s now happily settled and lives in Southern California. She’s super active and loves to be outdoors, when she’s not doing sports such as high altitude hiking she can be found relaxing on the beach with a cold beer enjoying her time with her friends.
One of the most amazing things about Emi Jewellery is that I have built the label around the flexibility of others. We all work remotely, which is exactly what I wanted for the brand. We're not tied to an office (OK so the warehouse team is fixed, but they work flexible hours and we work around them).
It’s been a long journey to get to this far, but the future looks certainly bright!
Welcome to the team Michele, I predict big things for the future.

Thats it for now!
Xander & the guys at Emi. x

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