Thursday, 4 August 2016

Our Ombre Waterfall Necklace will be extended into PS17

It all started with this necklace, the 'Black Ombre Waterfall Necklace' which will be online and available for sale at FREEMANS.COM around 30th Sept. We were playing dress up with all of our samples and we couldn't  help but think how much of a statement piece this necklace is and wouldn't it be great for the summer....

Feeling a little disappointed we put on our thinking caps, brought what we have learnt from AW16 collection, threw in a load of colors and hey-presto, that was the start of our PS17 collection.

Before we knew it, we had developed the style into a further 6 other colours. The range will be launching (stores not disclosed yet) around December time, just in time for the January blues to brighten up any dull day.

Check out the full range below. We love them!

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